Visit to Portland, Jamaica

Last weekend the crew decided to get together to go on a road trip for one of our friends birthday.

First we stopped off at Castleton for crayfish soup ,and to take in our surroundings on that rainy day .

Castleton is located along the Kingston to St. Mary road. Nestled in the hills of St. Mary, Castleton Gardens is a haven for nature lovers who want a cool, quiet place to relax. This beautiful botanical gardens has a rich variety of plants and is nestled in the hills of St. Mary, Castleton Gardens is a haven for nature lovers who want a cool, quiet place to relax. Added to the attraction, is the cooling water of the Wag Water River, where visitors may have a swim.

Road to Portland

This was not our intended final destination so we set off to river Portland in search of swift


Portland is a parish on the northeast coast of the island of Jamaica. Port Antonio is the small, laid-back capital, with faded colonial-era mansions lining the Titchfield Peninsula. Sandy beaches fringe the forested coast between the city and the deep waters of the Blue Lagoon farther east. Inland, bamboo rafts ply the Rio Grande river. Trails cross the Blue Mountains, known for their coffee plantations.

Portland is beautiful, even on a rainy day there was no doubt about its beauty.

After around 1 hr of driving we reached Annotto Bay and Buff Bay tran versing further into Portland. Portland is beautiful, both green lush landscapes and blue beaches. My number one choice in the island for a vacation home.

This beautiful off the beaten path location took some time to reach but was worth it. I’m told when the river isn’t full that there is a location further down where you can swing into the river and bathe to your hearts content but as it was a rainy day and the river was coming down swiftly, we enjoyed watching and listening to it instead in a beautiful picnic spot. A hut made of bamboo and wood for night parties or events by the residents of the community

It was a wonderful trip, made with good friends, always a great time with the crew and we enjoy visiting new locations. I’m sure that will not be the only location we visit in Portland and you will just have to visit again to see where our next adventure takes us.

Thank you


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